Croom Video’s Editing Services

Croom Video's Editing ServicesVideo Editing

Even the best video can use a little tweaking. If you want to delete scenes from a video, combine several sources to make a highlight reel, add titles, special effects or voiceover narration, then you need editing services.

From your home video tapes, Croom Video Services can create a professionally edited program featuring the highlights you choose. Examples of captured moments to preserve:

  • Baby’s first day home
  • First words
  • First birthday
  • Family vacations
  • Graduations
  • … anything important to you.

With professionally compiled special effects, title and music, your final project is the perfect gift for grandparents, long distance friends and relatives and for all family events and holidays.

Why Choose Croom Video for Editing?

Video editing is our specialty. No project is too simple or too complex. We use only the best professional computer and video equipment. We want to make video editing a fun and painless experience for you. You can choose to drop off your project with detailed instructions or be hands-on in the editing process. Either way you can be sure to receive the best professional care for your project and materials. With Croom Video Service you have the option of previewing your edited video online.

Call or contact us to set up a personal appointment. We’ll review your project details and provide you with a free estimate.