• Audio/Video Transfer

    Why Transfer? Did you know that half of all Hollywood movies made before 1950 are gone – lost forever? Much of the early video...

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  • Photo Montages

    Creative Photo Montage Service: Don’t let your photos languish in an album or be locked away in a box. Instead, turn them into an...

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  • Production & Events

    Experienced Video Production: Croom Video Services provides production services for a variety of applications. On the consumer side, we can provide videos of parties...

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  • I have been using Croom for almost a year to rescue old tapes and videos. They have gone out of their way to be helpful, always going the extra step to fix and fit in the most economical way possible. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    K. Gansner, Morristown NJ,

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  • FreeView

    The unlabeled video tape. A mystery wrapped in a puzzle, wrapped in a little plastic box. What is it? How old is it? Is it baby’s first steps? First day of school? Or 3 hours of some late night TV show?  How do you view it?  Your VCR is busted and your camcorder has seen Continue Reading

  • Smartphone HDR

    Have you ever seen a photo like the one in this post and thought, “Wow! That is really colorful and vivid!” If so, chances are good that the photo was an HDR image; HDR is an acronym for “High Dynamic Range.” Would you like to be able to create stunning HDR images on your own? Continue Reading